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Hey Everyone!

I was born in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. I was raised in a more untraditional family setting in a rather stereotypical trailer park. I've been writing from a very young age, even before I could ride a bike--though I struggled with two wheels for many years. My first story I wrote was about adopting my dog on folded, printer paper. I had an entire drawer in the kitchen filled with stapled packets. My passion and interest never ceased as the years passed. I had a brief career in poetry, but it was as corny as you can imagine.

Spilling words onto paper became an escape. Around sixteen, I began a short story as a means to express myself. After receiving praise from my friends, I decided to continue working on the piece and eventually turned it into my first published novel, Emerald X. I want to create a new immersive world that another generation will get lost in. Representation matters and I want all readers to feel included, hopefully creating a character for every individual to relate to and fall in love with.


I've been in the hospitality management and food industry since I was fourteen. I absolutely love meeting new people and being around others. In my spare time between working and writing, I like to binge Netflix, play video games and board games, and be around the people I consider family. I graduated from Methacton High School in 2013 and received my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from Montgomery County Community College in 2015.

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