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Emerald X

February, 2020

Phoenix Reinhard lives in Luminar, one of Osiren's five great cities. These cities are rumored to be protecting religious emeralds used to lift a curse their Protectors' had cast upon them centuries ago. They had become forgotten--until Luminar was destroyed in search of this artifact. Twelve years later, Phoenix assumes responsibility of protecting the remaining cities from those planning to collect all five. He quickly learns there is more to his religion than he ever believed.

Phase 1: Emerald X: Project
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What People are Saying about Emerald X

Phase 1: Emerald X: Work

"In Emerald X, Hoy’s creativity shines alongside his ability to engage an audience.  He describes an entirely new world, weaving specific details into the plot and history.  His ensemble of characters differ wildly from one another, yet each is charming in his or her own way.  The reader may take a liking to a minor character, antagonist, or even one of Osiren’s cities—another example of Hoy bringing his world to life.   

Overall, the novel is unique, refreshing, and captivating. Emerald X is slated as the first in a series of ten taking place in Hoy’s fantastic world.  While it may only be the beginning, Emerald X as a humble debut sets the stage for something extraordinary to come."

-Sarah G

"Brandon Hoy’s Emerald X, is an epic adventure poignantly written to highlight how everybody just wants to be loved and accepted for who they are no matter what journey they are on. Hoy brilliantly displays how in the end you can accomplish anything if you set your heart to it and allow a little help along way." 

-Alexa M

"Brandon Hoy captures your attention immediately. He uses flash backs and emotional character development to keep your attention and nurture your attachment for each character. His detail in descriptions allows no mistake when picturing the story and creates a setting where you are taken away to another reality. Through many mini adventures, the team of misfit main characters rally behind their pinnacle antihero, accomplishing each quest by any means necessary. This book is full of anticipation and growth, surprising you through every turn all while including satisfying romance. Hoy has created a book that will take anyone who reads it far away from reality through an incredible journey from the first sentence to the last."

-Olivia N

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