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The Brotherhood

March, 2020

On the streets of Assassin City, Franco Mancini and two fellow orphans struggle to survive. In a city known for taking, they are given little to pilferage to stave off hunger. Their trying times come to an end when Franco and several members from an organization known as the Brotherhood cross paths. He seizes the opportunity to join their ranks and is rescued from his unfortunate upbringing. As he explores his country of Osiren, he is forced to determine the boundaries of his own moral compass while navigating the uncertain waters of his new group.

Phase 1: The Brotherhood: Project

What People are Saying about The Brotherhood

Phase 1: The Brotherhood: Work

"Through his effortless storytelling and complex characters, Hoy once again delivers a brilliant storyline within his world of Teague. This second installment to Teague Wars: Phase One is an engaging page-turner as it takes you on a journey across Osiren through the eyes of the young Franco Mancini. Hoy’s writing carries an appeal to adolescent and adult adventurers alike. Whether this is your first adventure novel or another to add to the shelf, The Brotherhood will captivate you from its first chapter. In The Brotherhood, you will face growth, hardship, and destiny. Just like Franco, you will discover that the people of Osiren are always much more than what you initially know them to be."

-Sarah G

"Faced with an impossible choice, Franco Mancini joins the Brotherhood, a highly organized yet mysterious group of vigilantes with stunningly powerful gifts, gifts Franco had only heard about in legends. They are a thrilling bunch and an unconventional family, but the quest for power and riches pulls them together. After leaving his real family behind, Franco is tested like never before, but the thirst for blood and answers keeps him drawn in.

Throughout his journey, his new family continues to push the boundaries using their special abilities to shed blood wherever they go. Franco, the outsider, feels trapped and discovers a force working against the Brotherhood. Will Franco continue to support his newfound family or follow his instincts and turn back to his true family? With action packed adventure and thrilling tales at every turn, the second installment of Brandon Hoy’s ‘The Teague Wars’ is not to be missed."

-Alexa M

"Brandon Hoy has yet again displayed his impeccable talent for drawing an audience into another world. With dialect familiar to modern time coupled with unfamiliar settings, Hoy captivates his readers and leads them on a new and exciting journey with ease. While the characters are just as exciting as his first book in the series, they offer wildly different personalities creating a story like no other. With unpredictable twists, this book is sure to keep you entertained and leave you satisfied."

-Olivia N

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